Saturday, September 3, 2011



“I have found the road to success no easy matter” said the businessman.”
I started at the bottom. I worked twelve hours a day.
I sweated. I fought. I took abuse.
I did things I did not approve of. But I kept right on climbing the ladder.
“And now of course, you are a success? Prompted the interviewer.
No I wouldn’t say that” replied the businessman with a laugh.”
just quote me as saying that
I have become expert at climbing ladders.

“My boy said the businessman executive,
there are two things that are vitally necessary
if you are to succeed in the business”.
What are they dad?
“Honesty and sagacity”.
“What is honesty?
“Always-no matter what happens nor how adversely it may effect you always
keep your word once you have given it.
And sagacity
Never give your word.

Once Einstein was asked for the secret of his success. He said, if A is success in life,
I should say that the formula for success is A equals x plus y plus z, with x standing
for work and y for play but what is z?
That is keeping your mouth shut.


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