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This writeup is about being an vegetarian. This reply is not intended to hurt any one nor is it meant to judge, criticize or convince you that my beliefs are right. They may not be right for you, but right now at this time in my life, they are right for me. This is simply my personal beliefs. It is not my intention to offend anyone, so please read this with an open mind. No idea how many will read this post. Even then, chances are that I might get a few brickbats for writing the following, but I just have to write it.

some people are sending very nasty mails.If you do not wish to continue in this group then just inform your group moderator and leave this group. Don't send me the mails. It is bad manners on your part to put your comment the way you have worded it.

One of the most wonderful questions came from one of my fellow keralite.

How do you get vegetarian food without killing? Plants also have life? Is that not life?” You brush your teeth regularly then how many germs are you killing?

Here “It is not about killing. If it is about killing I know I can’t even brush my teeth” It is a fact that plants also have life like animals. But animals are endowed with mind, and nervous systems too while the plants do not possess the same. The animals cry and weep when they are being killed. It is not the case with plants; as such, equating killing of animals and destruction of plants is faulty logic. 

“All creatures are created for human beings and it is our right.” “If eating meat is sin then what kind of vegetables, God created for Lions and Tigers?”

“May be it’s our right. But what is the compulsion?” “First of all it is not a question of sin or not sin. It is about considering a poor creature’s plea to live. Second, Lions and Tigers don’t have a choice nor do they have a discriminating ability to reconsider what they are doing.”

One of the mail I received that being a keralite how you are a vegetarian. Are you a Brahman? Now a days even Brahmans also eating non veg. I am Not a Brahmin I belongs to Sree narayana guru’s caste.  During school days I was a non-vegetarian. As I am a pure Malayalee I use to eat fish daily. Even I wii not eat food if fish is not there for one day. Then one day I accompanied my father to market to buy meat and fish. There I saw the little creature struggle for its life at the hands of the butcher, a thought struck my mind. Just before the day I learnt a lesson from moral science that god is there in all creatures. “Any creature that we eat, pleads us to let go before we kill it. But we ignore it. Why we are not considering?” I didn’t know. I couldn’t tell why we don’t consider that plea. Animals as well as we are God's creations too. 

All My family members are Non Vegeterians. I left eating meat and chicken at primary school, and left eating fish in 10th class. Even I am Not an Eggeterian. I avoided Non Veg food completely. This year I complete 13 years of being a vegetarian. For this I am facing a lot of criticism from my neighbour keralites, even from my relatives, and for allainaces also. Recently I attended a wedding function of my family in Kerala, there except me and an old man all are in non veg section.Then that old man asked me that why I am a vegetarian.He said that he don’t have teeth to eat non veg but in this age why you are avoiding Non veg food it is not good for you. For this I gave a smile and left that palce. Even so many commented and addressed me as “Sasyabook”.
So many are wondering that being a keralite if you are vegetarian means it is unbelievable. Some fellow keralites told me that I have a pshyco problem (Manasikam) that is why I am avoiding Non veg food, better to consult pshycartist What ever be their opinion, it’s up to them. 

I understood these things need not be argued nor justified. It is all an individual decision. So I decided I will be a vegetarian. Not because eating meat is sin. Not because I should restrain myself from killing. Just to give my heart the satisfaction that I am not one of the many persons who ignore a creature’s plea. If we can live without shedding blood, why kill animals? How about living healthy and letting the helpless animals live? I personally think that killing and tearing are meant for wild animals, and not for human beings. Even though all are laughing/commenting at for my choice but I have held on to living my life based on my convictions. I believe in leading a life of compassion and mercy.
Last but not least Food-habits are very personal. All I will ask is that if we can survive without spilling blood, should we cause blood-shed?


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