Sunday, February 3, 2013


On January 26th and August 15th what do we see when we step out? Beautiful tricolor paper flags all around. The whole country is riding on the waves of patriotism. As a part of Independence Day and Republic day celebrations, Indian citizens are using National flags in every corner, every crossroad, every shop, and every vehicle. Some proudly placed/pinned up on the clothes. Some one Set in cars. While some being taken right up to the office desks. The sight of the Tricolor fills pride in every heart.
Then comes August 16th and January 26th and now what do we see when we step out? Once again tricolor paper flags all around. But this time the sight fills every heart with remorse. The tricolor is seen in Garbage. Many unceremoniously dump the national flag to the dustbin as a responsible citizen, or in most of the cases it is thrown on the road, in the gutter. In keeping with true spirit of the Indian Culture we do not even hesitate to tear it after all it’s just the tricolor.still its already  February  and I found alot of paper flags on the road side.

The National Flag is a symbol of the Nation's respect and pride. There is a liberal use of the flag on Independence Day and Republic day. There is a new trend of selling flags made up of paper and plastic, which is incorrect. The Indian National flag for the Indians, isn't pride, It’s just worth 5 Rupees and that's all. people enthusiastically buy such flags but the very next day, we find it on the road sides stepping and stamping.  With a sense of national pride, these flags being trampled upon the road, in dustbins and elsewhere.

Since school days I love to attend flag hoisting for Independence Day and Republic day. I have seen students step on national flags that fall in our school ground after occasions such as Republic Day and Independence Day. And at present I am attending flag hoisting in District court and now also I am facing the same situation I have seen many people even the senior most people are just stepping the paper flags fallen on the ground and going without noticing it. Even when we are showing that they are stepping on flag they are smiling and asking it’s just a paper flag why you are worrying that much?  

If we hear some one burnt our national flag in Kashmir or in Pakistan means our blood boils. But we Indians what we are doing? The national flag must never be worn as a garment or attached to any part of your attire. We are using flag tricolor as saree border, using flag in T shirts, cake cuttings, applying tri colours in face, etc., When this is asked that are saying that they are using just imitations and one person also questioned that ashoka chakra is not there so what’s the problem?

The respect and patriotism that the country earns is shown towards that country’s flag. The respective given to the flag of a country is the same as the respect given to the respective country. The flag is more respected and seen as higher than the leaders, government, and forces of that country. This is why at every special event the flag is raised and honored by the leaders, government, armed forces, and the citizens of that country.

At present many schools are not celebrating Independence Day and Republic day because they are treating these days as just national holidays. But parents can do it and show your children by celebrating that this is a national festival of India. As you are celebrating Onam, Vishu, Pongal, Dasara, Deepavali, Christmas, Ramzan etc celebrate these national festivals, by gathering a group of children from your locality. I appeal all Indians that on coming August 15th refrain from buying a paper or plastic flag instead join your school or society gathering in hoisting the national flag. On August 15th if the entire nation hoists the flag in this way no tricolor will be disrespected on the following day. 

Indian law says that the flag must at all times be treated with “dignity, loyalty and respect”. The “Flag Code of India – 2002″, which superseded “The Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950″, governs the display and usage of the flag. Official regulation states that the flag must never touch the ground or water, be used as a tablecloth or draped in front of a platform, cover a statue, plaque, cornerstone etc.

The Flag Code of India, 2002 containing the provisions of the Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act, 1971 governing the guidelines for display of the national flag of India clearly mentions that whoever in any public place shows disrespect to or brings into contempt the national flag shall be punished according to the law. Furthermore, the expression ‘‘Indian national flag’’ includes any picture, painting, drawing or photograph or other visible representation of the Indian national flag, or of any part or parts thereof, made of any substance or represented on any substance. After reading the above article still if any one wish to buy tricolor means please follow the below guidelines:-
  • When the Flag is in a damaged or soiled condition, it shall be destroyed as a whole in private, preferably by respectful burning or by any other method consistent with the dignity of the Flag. – Flag Code of India 2002, Section II, Point 2.2 (xiii)
  • The flag must never touch the ground or water, or be used as a drapery in any form.
  • The flag should always be flown between sunrise and sunset, irrespective of the weather conditions.
  • One “reads” a flag like the pages of a book, from top to bottom and from left to right.
  • Whenever the flag is displayed indoors in halls at public meetings or gatherings of any kind, it should always be on the right (observers’ left), as this is the position of authority.
  • The Indian flag cannot be flown at half-mast.
  • Whenever the National Flag is displayed, it should occupy the position of honour and should be distinctly placed.
  • As per the guidelines of Prevention of Insults to National Honour (Amendment) Act, 2003, the Indian Flag shall be made up of hand-woven wool, cotton or khadi silk buntings. The flag shall not be used as a portion of a costume or uniform of any description.

Remove National flag from top of houses and institutions after 4pm.
The national flag must never touch the ground. If the national flag ever does touch the ground the flag must be picked up immediately and the flag must be washed and dried immediately if it is found to be dirty.
Do not use National flag on vehicles after the day.
Do not use National flag in advertisements.
When the national flag is being raised, everyone must remain standing to show the respect for the flag. Any damages purposely caused to the flag, the throwing of the flag, the flag being stamped by the feet are all unimaginable disgraces to the flag and the country.
If ever the colours of the national flag diminish, or the flag is damaged, or the flag is a state where it cannot be flown, the flag must be properly burned and disposed. It must never be used as an old cloth or thrown in the garbage bin. These actions are direct disrespect to our motherland. Collect spoil flags and respectfully dispose them by burning of or burial. Form a group in order to educate people on this issue and prevent disrespect of flag.

If anybody violates these rules, it is punishable under provisions of law. All these restrictions were imposed to protect the national honor and it is the duty of all citizens to obey them. Please give due respect to our national flag after  using it.

You should show respect for your country's flag because it is your country's highest and most recognizable symbol, and the way you treat it is representative of your attitude towards your country. The Indian national flag embodies the democratic, secular and liberal values enshrined in the Constitution of India and is the symbol of our national pride. It served as a powerful symbol of our struggle for independence and a source of inspiration for the freedom fighters. It symbolizes unity in diversity, Indianness over individuality, and thus calls for a deep sense of respect by each and every Indian citizen. Any disrespect or insult to this symbol of nationalism must be reprimanded.
Freedom means more than doing what pleases you. It aspires to make the right choice! As consumer of products and services we value our possessions but do we treat our national flag with the respect it deserves? We see, we analyze, we buy and we maintain except when we need to respect! Why it was unintentional may be carelessness! But when you have the right intention to carefully dispose the national tricolor why not initiate?
I request to all the people of India, please do not show our patriotism in a single day, and keep it also for the remaining 364 days. Our national flag deserves a much better treatment than this. It needs to be respected all the year round, every day and every moment. If we don’t respect it who will? Please don’t buy tricolor if you cannot handle it.

It’s not enough to be patriotic only when India wins the cricket World Cup or an Anna says I'm anti-government. Patriotism is not a show off using head bands of I love my India, writing on faces "I love My India" or writing on T shirts  "The spirit of Indian team" will not be a Patriotism."I love India" should be implicit in the psyche of every Indian and does need not to be bandied about in the form of a announcement. 
Patriotism is not a ritual to practice on the Independence Day or Republic day or when India wins the cricket match. It is something that inspires us to take the initiative to change the things which we complain everyday and move forward. Patriotism is not just love for one’s country; it is loyalty for and devotion to the principles and values that is linked within the country.Last but not least Don’t depict national flag in dire ways! Love for one's country is symbolized by the respect for the national flag. Respect for National Flag is a symbol for the moral values of the citizens of the country. Respect our roots Identity India. Be Indian. Behave Indian.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST LET ME ADD AN QUOTE - We are very defensive, and therefore aggressive, when we hold on to a particular belief, a dogma, or when we worship our particular nationality, with the rag that is called the flag.”             J. Krishnamurti.

NOTE: please forward this mail to all of your friends, colleagues and circulate this mail in your office, schools, apartments etc., 

Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah.(- RIG VEDA)
"Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions"

Miss.Shaija Vallikatri Bhaskaran



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  2. Hello Mam..... The respect to our national flag must be given by every Indian citizen ... Your post is very important, I am sharing some stuff on my facebook account... Which is essential to reach to every citizen of India..
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  3. According to "Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act, 1971" and "Flag code of India,2002" national flag should not be kept as Profile Pic or it true?