Thursday, March 24, 2016


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The name Jesus Christ brings to mind the sacrifice by the Messiah for the redemption of humankind. This is why the Passion or suffering of Christ has such a deep meaning even for those who do not practice Christianity.

Along with the divine role of Christ, we ought to admire him for his deep individuality. As a person, he did what his compassionate heart told him was right. If he believed in God as his father, he preached His message. Even though ostracized and ultimately crucified, Christ never withdrew from his stand. This is an example of how strong positive individualism can be. How many of us, in this age of freedom of choice and belief, would dare die for what we hold precious? That is the lesson of Christ for the common person: respect yourself and have faith in God.

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Christ the Messiah is also the Son of Man; so as members of the human race we can all learn the message of this great spiritual leader and develop the courage to stand up for what deep within us we know to be true or right. 

Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On this day, Christ rose from the dead and talked to some of his followers.

At a non-denominational spiritual level, the resurrection can be said to be a symbol of undying hope and faith. God in His grace, sees to it that no undue pain goes unrewarded. Each one of us has to deal with pain and betrayal. Let God give us the faith in our hearts that He will lift us up from the pain into deep joy and peace.

From terror to peace, from pain to joy, from death to eternal life, may the Almighty God walk with us. Amen.


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