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Lord Krishnan came in the Vishu kani and the story of Vishu. The Vishu Kani usually has the Lord’s photo or idol in the main focus, mostly that of Lord Krishna/vishnu as he is said to be the ‘Kaala Purusha’ or the God of Time. He marks off the Zodiac New Year. Sloka 33 of Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Sthothram describes Lord Vishnu as Yugaadi-krit (one who creates Yugas), Yugaavarto (one who causes the repetition of Yugas).Hence, it is befitting to celebrate this day with the worship of the Para Brahma, the Supreme Lord Narayana who is the cause and effect of this infinite Time element. vishnu is the Jagat Prabhu or Lord of the Universe, Bhuta-Bhavya-Bhavan-Natha - Lord of past, present and future. The Almighty is depicted in terms of space and time as being immanent. He is one in many things to many. As he is the lord of the universe, one of his avatar i.e Krishna is taken in kanni. He is Himself the universe. He is the origin of all that originated. Another reason is the relation between the lord krishnan and nature. The lord Krishnan was closely related and lived in the nature. It is mentioned in the holy books that lord Krishna’s favourite pass time is playing flute and dancing with radha. Most of the time he used to spend with nature under the kadamba tree. So there is no lord which has closely related to the nature as Krishnan, that is why Lord Krishnan kept as a major part of the Kani.

One of the other features of the Kani is the mirror, which symbolizes Bhagavathy and also the fact that, rather than reflecting the Kani and making it more beautiful, it shows us that the Supreme Being is present within ourselves.

Gold shower flowers are used to adorn the Kani, with their bright yellow color, symbolizing Surya, the sun God, who is a symbol of ever flowing grace and auspiciousness. Almost all the items in the Vishu Kani are Gold colored: flowers, fruits, vessels, coins etc, symbolizing purity involved. The lighting of the deepam welcomes God into our lives and is also symbolic of spiritual knowledge—the remover of the darkness of ignorance.

The family ancestors are given due respects by vishu samkramana tharpana ceremonies. It’s seen Vishu is most celebrated in the middle regions of Kerala, particularly Thrissur. It may be due to the magic of Guruvayoorappan. Similar to Diwali, during previous evenings and early mornings children enjoy the festival with crackers. But this practice is not widely followed in the southern regions of Kerala. Before dawn children lights up fire works. The fire works represents the loud and open statements to become pure in thoughts and firm in our resolve to become nobler.

What is significance of making offering to the god :-

“Vishu kanni” items are are offered to lord guruvayoorappan, as a matter of thanks -giving. "kaazhcha dravyangal" are offered to the deities in that great concept. This is done as an expression of gratitude to the power that created all things.Man by himself cannot create even a blade of grass.We will be guilty of gross ingratitude if we do not offer first to god what we eat or wear.Only best and the choicest should be offered to god.

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