Monday, July 4, 2016


Remembering the man who gave us our National Flag.

We all know the freedom fighters who toiled hard to attain freedom for this country. Our hearts fill with proud when our Tricolour is hoisted. But how many of us know the man, who designed our National Flag and gave us our pride? Today is the death anniversary of Pingali Venkayya, the man who painted India with the vibrant colours of Saffron, White and Green on the canvas of courage, sacrifice, patriotism, and renunciation.

Venkayya was popularly known by two names-- Diamond Venkayya (for his expertise in diamond mining) and Cotton Venkayya (for his keen interest in various varities of cotton research).

Venkayya is one of the unsung heroes who dedicated his entire life to the cause of the country's freedom. Let us pay tribute to his contribution and do not let his efforts fade away in the pages of history.

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