Monday, September 5, 2016


I Respect all Human beings.I bow to the teachers who are Gods in human form. I am indebted to my parents for living but to my teacher for living well. The teachers who stand and teach us while we are seated standing till the end while we have grown and progressed by leaps and bounds.No matter how great we may become in the future. We should never forget such teachers.Today everyone is aware of who bill gates is but how many of us are aware that his mother was a teacher. Teacher are the backbone of every society or Nation they are the one who lead the youth toward a bright future The teacher is a representative of the society who inculcates moral precepts.In the development of a country great attention has to be paid to education and learning, as well as good morals, and nobody is more suited to assist in this process than the humble teacher.With out teachers both knowledge and morals would suffer.
Whatever we have achieved in our life is just because of our teacher. So our Teacher’s, deserve to be appreciated as much as possible, and we may not say this every day, but at least on teacher’s day we have to express our gratitude and remembrance towards them and make them feel that we really do care for him/her.
Happy teachers day to all teachers in the world. Firstly, here’s a big thank you to all my teachers. So many of them inspired me and I’m indebted to all of them for imbibing such good values in me. Salutes to all my Teachers who mould me the way i m towards Education, Service & Value based ideologies.

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