Saturday, September 16, 2017


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Today is the 101th Birth Anniversary of the music legend, Bharat Ratna, M.S. Subbulakshmi. She was one of the finest musicians this planet has ever seen or experienced. The sheer magic of her voice brings back memories of my childhood. My Mother's most favourite classical singer.Her renditions of devotional hymns and Sahasranama Stotra enjoys a special place in the Hindu way of life.When she sings 'Suprabhatam', even God wouldn't want to hit the snooze button.The spirit was attributable to a total and unparalleled surrender to the lord. The fact that the Mahatma chose only her to sing ‘Vaishnava Janato’ on many occasions, and that Pandit Nehru called her ‘The Nightingale of India’ were only added jewels to an already resplendent crown.

MSL who has millions of fans and music lovers across the world. Today she is no more amidst us., but the rich legacy of music she has left behind for us is enough proof of her living amidst us in our hearts.she inhales music with every breath that she takes. There have been no compromises, no tactical manoeuvres, no conscious efforts to capture attention, no sacrifice of quality at the altar of showmanship and no stooping to thrill, only striving to elevate. She merely sings from the depths of her soul and the world sways to the magic of her music.

I reverentially pay rich musical tributes to this immortal singer M S Subbalakshmi on her Birth Anniversary. She was a jewel in the world of music. Her legacy continues to serve as a beacon for those in music & art.

"Proud Of India's Classical Music World.

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