Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Have deep faith in God Krishna to lead problem less life
Rewritten by
My grateful thanks to him who wrote it)

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Do not wail thinking of something,
Do not cry thinking of some one,
Do not ever be scared of life
Do not babble due to desire in the mind
Do not get angry when what you want does not happen
Do not get disappointed , when what you do not want happens
Do not get broken down when you are insulted,
Do not feel bad when you are avoided by others
Do not lose your life thinking of other men
Do not ever lose hope believing in luck
Do not believe in lines in your palm and lose Lord Krishna
Do not believe in horoscope and decide about your life
Do not think that your luck would change if you change your name
Do not try to know forecasts of your life
Please . please catch hold of the concept of Lord Krishna,
You have everything , you do not lack anything .
As long as you think that he is always with you.
Once while travelling in the middle of the forest at midnight,
One person got pain in the chest but for his good fortune
The one who was with him was a doctor of repute,
And when he told the doctor , he searched in his bag,
And gave him a round thing and asked to keep on lcking it,
But never swallow it and slowly his pain disappeared ,
But when they reached home and they found that ,
His daughter was sick, he requested the doctor ,
To give her an injection and the doctor told ,
“I forgot my medicine bag” and the person asked,
“What did you give me then?” and spit the tablet,
That he was licking and found that it was but a shirt button
And he asked his friend ., “How did I get cured?”
And his friend smile and told, “Due to your faith in me.”
Have faith in Lord Krishna like that person had on his friend,
You would be completely cured of all your problems.

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