Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Right from childhood I have believed in the existence of God .There could be no better proof of God's existence than in Nature. I can feel God's presence in serene countryside’s or when I see the flowers, fruits, mountains, sea, and when I see children. I see the birth of the children as miracles performed by God.

Right from childhood I have believed in the existence of God and for years now, I have formed a habit of praying every day. I have a firm faith in the existence of a supreme power. Without His blessings, I am nothing and I always used to think that without god blessings nothing can be achieved; along with hard work, God's blessings are important. My belief in God is my strength. I believe that He is the one who looks after me and whatever I have achieved in life is only because of his blessings through His grace.

I personally feel that faith in the Almighty gives one strength and helps in coping with crisis. As human beings, negative thoughts come easily to our mind. Trust and total faith in God gives us the strength to go through the ups and downs of life. With patience and prayers one can go a long way. For me trust or prayer is not asking things from God. It is thankfulness and gratitude for what is already there, and I just ask to be with me always, and make me a good human being.

GOD IS EVERYWHERE.God is inside us, in our hearts. For me Humanity is the higest religion and I believe religion is a private affair and it saddens me to see people manipulating it these days. Religion is about other people - helping others, not hurting others. Religion is supposed to be a unifying force and all religions teach us love and kindness. I opined that one should not fight in the name of religion. I believe that faith in God makes us humble and if we are God-fearing, we cannot harm anyone.

I strongly believe in karma. I've read many books to figure out the mysteries of life and existence but ultimately, I found that the answer lies in our karma. This also makes one more accepting towards the painful occurrences in our life. And it makes one realize the importance of having good karma. I believe in destiny - that certain things are meant to happen and certain things are not. But that does not imply that we sit back and blame everything on destiny. Like it's said, DO YOUR BEST, GOD WILL DO THE REST. We have to put in the effort but despite that if we don't succeed, then that's destiny.

Daily prayer brings peace of mind. My prayers are mostly in the form of conversations that I have with God. I strongly feel the presence of God in everything I do. I see God not in temples or in a deity, but in everyday life. God wants for us is to behave well with our fellow human beings. I feel I can directly talk to God. My belief and my fear in God make me subconsciously try to do the right thing. Because I fear that any wrong done, comes back to us. As you sow, so you reap. I feel the presence of God is in my work. It's the most important thing in my life. I believe that being sincere, honest, hardworking and committed, brings me closer to the divine. I don't intentionally harm anyone or use unscrupulous methods to move ahead in life. Even to succeed in profession, I don't undercut my rivals. I treat everyone, from friends to office-boys, with respect. This is my faith towards my life .

Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive. Happy moments, praise God.Difficult moments, seek God.Quiet moments, worship GodPainful moments, trust God.Every moment, thank God.

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