Friday, August 14, 2015


Independence day is very close to my heart. It is indeed sad to see people taking Independence day as another holiday. Children should be taught more about the Indian freedom struggle, what their ancestors and the freedom fighters have done for them  and why freedom means so much to all Indians. We also need to think whether we are doing justice to what they have attained for us.We should all be responsible citizens and instill the responsibility of duty towards our country in the generations to come.

The Independence Day of our country is a moment of great pride and grandeur. Celebrating Independence Day is not only about hoisting the flag and singing patriotic songs. The essence of the Indepenece Day celebration lies in remembering all the freedom fighters and soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country. Respecting the freedom which we got at the cost of the lives of these freedom fighters is of utmost importance. Not only on the Independence Day but also on each day of our life we should learn to respect the value of the freedom and should not take freedom for granted.

 As each of you aspires to a better future for yourself,  similarily aspire high for the values of our nation and the society  that you live in.This is your life.This is your country and if you want to keep it safe you need to get involved. Even if we are engrossed with our professional and personal lives for the rest of the year, on this specific day, each citizen of the country does spend some time pondering on his or her contribution to the country.

Freedom is not a Right but a Feeling!
Let's be proud to feel the Freedom!
Let's say loudly we are INDIANS!!!
 Let all of us get together &
Let's Celebrate Our Freedom!
It is our duty to preserve this Freedom!
Carry this forward to the future!
We did,We do,We will do!!!

Set the celebration on Air, Share your Joy, You're Free to do it, Share  this to every Indian, to say
Vande Mataram!
Proud to be an Indian!
Jai Hind

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