Wednesday, August 17, 2016

INNU CHINGAM 1 Kollavarsham 1192 (17th August, 2016)

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INNU CHINGAM 1 Kollavarsham 1192 (17th August, 2016) the day in which Keralites welcome the Ponnona maasam! As per Malayalam Calender the Kolla Varsham begins on August 17 2016. A great significance to the all keralities especially farmers! This is the new year day as per the Malayalam Era ,my favorite month in the Malayalam calender.So many festivals in this month, Krishna Astami, Vinayaka chaturthi, Onam.The first day of Chingam month is welcomed by people of Kerala with special poojas and prayers. Hindus in large numbers visit their near by temples.Today another speciality is "Thiruonam" Naksthram, ideal and auspicious to visit vishnu/Krishna Temples, and for chanting Vishnusahsranamam, and dhruva charitham.
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My New Year Wishes to all Keralites! HAPPY NEW YEAR.1192.Let Lord Guruvayur Krishna wishes Health Wealth, Success. and Happiness to all. One more speciality is today 17th Aug 2016, Wednesday is celebrated as Pilleeer Onam or Onam of Children. Pilleronam was usually celebrated 27 days before Thiruvonam in the month of Chingam . This Year Thiru Onam will be coming on 14th September. It was believed that there would be a break of about 10 days from the rains in Karkkidakam month and Pilleronam was celebrated in one of these days. This Onam is celebrated as a mini Onam with a mini-Onasadya.
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I am dedicating this post to my parents Especially My Amma.Even though I brought up in, out of Kerala I enjoyed all such traditions and festivals in my child hood days. Thanks a lot, for my wonderful parents who has ignited the value of culture and tradition.

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