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In the Ramayana, there is no 'preaching of principles' but you are taken through the Avatar's journey as a human being. Lord Rama depicts how a man should uphold virtuous ideals no matter what the conflicts within a family may be. He exercises his choices and decisions in a way that upholds Dharma. Through all the hurdles in His life, he remained as the perfect son, an ideal king, a true husband, It teaches a wife how to love, honor and respect the choices they make together as husband and wife, a real friend, a devoted brother, a perfect student, and above all a noble enemy! Each and every one of His actions is a lesson to us and thus He is the perfect teacher of humankind to this day.

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Typically, many people raised a question that how come Rama can be an Ideal husband as he sent sita to exile. Rama is an Ideal husband and an Incident in Ramayana is an example to this.After killing Ravana, Lord Rama is resting on a rock. He notices a shadow approaching him. He realises that the shadow is that of a woman. He does not lift His eyes to see who it is, for, Lord Rama never looks at any woman other than Sita. As the shadow nears Him, Lord Rama pulls His feet up, and sits with His legs folded. This is to avoid even the shadow of the unknown woman touching His feet. So careful is He that none other than His wife should touch Him. Lord Rama is particular that even the shadow of another woman should not touch Him. The shadow is then seen to recede. Lord Rama wonders who it is; who had come so close to Him and had yet retreated. So He enquires who the person is. The shadow is that of Mandodari, and she discloses who she is. Lord Rama asks her why she is there. She says she heard that Ravana was killed in battle. Ravana had been a king who had struck fear in the hearts of his enemies. Everyone believed him to be invincible. And yet, he had been killed by someone. She had come to the battlefield to look at the man who killed her husband. She wanted to know what quality He had that her husband did not have. Lord Rama then asks her whether she found what that quality was. Mandodari says she has found that quality. Lord Rama is particular that even the shadow of a woman other than his wife should not touch Him. Ravana, on the other hand, was willing to sacrifice so many lives in his attempt at making another man's wife his. Therein lies the difference. That one quality of Lord Rama has led to His victory. Lord Rama was the one whose thoughts and words never went astray.

Many have a problem with the way Rama treated his wife, Sita. I don't want to approach the Ramayana as a cynic. I want to approach the story of God as the glory of the Lord, the choices He made and interpret it in the context of its divine sankalpa. The logical men and women can scoff for their loss is theirs and mine is a spiritual gain. My purpose in undertaking sadhana is and has never been material. I take pride in remaining steadfastly anchored in being spiritual.

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