Saturday, April 2, 2011


One can see one's own reflection in the mirror only when a particular chemical is coated on the other side. Likewise, coat the chemical of love on your heart in order to have the vision of God. Fill your heart with love. Then there will be no place for evil qualities like jealousy, anger and hatred. Just as wax melts when it comes in contact with heat, the heart melts when the rays of love fall on it

Keep the faith in the Lord undiminished; you can then safely move about in the world. No harm can come to you! Be like the village women with pots over their heads, one over the other, keeping balance even while talking and walking along the winding lane. They do not forget or ignore the burden or the goal. They are vigilant, conscious of the hardships on the way, the stones and the pits; it is the inner concentration that pays dividends.

Where the six qualities of zeal, determination, courage, intelligence, ability and heroism are present, there divinity becomes manifest. Success and prosperity comes to the one with these six virtues. However, these qualities are put to test from time to time. Just as a student has to face various tests, these qualities are also subject to trials. Such trials should be regarded as stepping stones to higher achievements. These trials are in the form of losses, troubles, pains, sufferings and calumny. One has to overcome these troubles with courage and self-confidence and forge ahead. Without self-confidence, these six qualities cannot be acquired.

There is no greater friend for anyone than God. He is beyond the reach of praise or censure. He does not give up man on the ground of the latter's failure to come up to His expectations. That is why God has been given the appellation, Suhrid (a good friend). God desires no offerings from any devotee. God is the only one friend who confers benefits on devotees without expecting any return. Nevertheless man does not readily accept such a friend. Only the man who accepts God as such a friend and is guided by His advice can understand the full meaning of Divine friendship. Faith of this nature alone constitutes true Jnana (wisdom).

It is only purity that attracts Divinity. If the iron filings are rusted,
even the most powerful magnet will not attract them

Do not worry about the ups and downs of life, loss or pain, joy or grief. You are yourself the maker of the ups and downs. If you so wish, everything can be on one smooth level. You label one thing as bad and something else as gain. You crave for a thing and, when you get it, you call it joy; if you don’t get it, you call it grief. Cut out the craving, and there will be no more swinging from joy to grief.

There can be no sacredness in service, if good thoughts and good feelings are absent.

What should be the qualities of the actions we offer at the Lotus Feet of the Lord?... For example, if we want to offer a rose to the Lord, we first select a beautiful, fragrant bloom. Then we remove the insects from the flower. Next we remove the thorns or any imperfect leaves from the stem and in a number of other ways we make our offering as beautiful and pure as possible. Every action we perform should be like this. Our actions must be saturated with the fragrance of love and sacredness and must be good and pure. This is the true: Yoga of Action as laid down in the Gita.

It is only during rainy season that the clouds come in the way of sun rays. Similarly, it is only when our mind is wavering and disturbed we suffer from sorrows and difficulties. When our mind is steady and firm, no ‘clouds’ can disturb us. Hence, keep your mind pure and steady. Develop courage and fortitude.

Master The Mind, Be a Mastermind.

There is a Tibetan saying, that a hundred persons start to seek the truth, and perhaps only one reaches it. Ninety-nine get lost somewhere on the way. They either become involved in some other business or they go astray. There are thousands of ways of going astray and there is only one way of going into yourself. And thats the beauty of yourself.

Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah.(- RIG VEDA)
"Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions"

Miss.Shaija Vallikatri Bhaskaran

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