Saturday, April 30, 2011


An expression of love can be beautiful and moving, yet an expression of love is not love itself. Expressing your intentions, your goals, your hopes and dreams can be powerful and inspiring. Yet the expression alone is not enough. The fulfillment of those intentions, or those hopes and dreams, requires commitment, sacrifice and persistent effort.

Love is more than saying "I love you." Accomplishment is more than saying "I'm going to." Caring is more than saying "I care." No matter how profound the expression, it must be backed up, and followed up, with real and effective action if it is to truly be meaningful.

The best way to make a statement is to make a difference. The best way to show your intention is by doing what you intend to do. If you really want to express your hopes, then work to make them a reality.

The most meaningful expressions are not what you say or how you appear. True expressions are in what you take the time and effort to do.


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