Saturday, April 30, 2011


you are a natural-born achiever. That's why focused effort feels so good and so right.

Trees grow toward the sky because that's what trees are meant to do. Storm clouds drop rain across the land because that's what clouds do.

You create new value and solve problems because that is what you are born to do. You make valuable use of opportunities to achieve because achievement is part of who you are.

Whatever else you may possess, you also have a diverse and powerful set of tools for achievement. You can observe, interpret, adjust, respond, prioritize, and imagine.

You can learn valuable lessons in one situation and put them to effective use in another, completely different arena. You can build and teach and cooperate and integrate the best of what has been into a vision of what can be.

In short, you are destined to achieve. Get your excuses, fears and doubts out of the way and allow that destiny to fully unfold.

-- Ralph Marston

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